I always wanted to learn how to weave Kiondos as a young girl. I however never got to it because of two main reasons
1. My mother can not weave
2. The only person who could lived some distance a way from home.

I just recently went back to this lost love. The main reason why I went back to it is because in the last one and a half years I made a resolution to use less plastic in my house. That is to mean other than the food storage dishes that I have in my house I try as much as I can to not bring more plastic in the house.

To achieve this, I started looking for recycled plastic or sisal bags to use as storage in my house. By doing this, I met groups of both women and men whose work offer the plastic alternatives that I was looking for and I have slowly been able to use less plastic in my life.

This is how Ras Crafts came to life; from a personal decision to me stocking up handmade bags and making crafts that can be used in our houses.

Welcome, I hope you feel at home.

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