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We are the home for Beautiful, Eco-friendly and Hand-made with love art for your home

Ras Crafts

Quality Woven Bags & Artifacts

About the Founder:

I am Wanjiru, the founder of Ras Crafts. Having grown up in a village, I have grown to love the deeply unique culture that small villages and towns have and how these cultures show through different cultural elements like Kiondos, mudcloth, reeds products.

I love working with craft people from different cultures as well as creating unique pieces.

Ras is an eco-friendly, handmade craft-shop based in Nairobi. I collect, make and source handmade items that range from sisal kiondo bags, reed bags, reed winnowing trays and fabric art pieces.

My hope is that we will be able to explore the different cultures in the country and share with the world the unique and beautiful craftsmanship that they hold all while introducing plastic free alternatives to our lifestyle.

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